Monday, August 8, 2011

Serial Thinki, Pt. 2

The business system needs to be a cultural system.

The business world has a necessary link to the culture or with the social world. If the business world is getting farther and farther away in terms of this link to culture----or to sociality, morality, and culture that is a problem right there.  That is a link that must not be broken; it is the link between capitalism and man. This social underpinning of capitalism, it would seem to me, is often missed entirely.
     Mostly, the right or conservative movement or tendency misses this problem completely or else gets it all wrong, as in the case of Klein's Shock Doctrine. If such a Shock Doctrine exists, as she alleges it does, waying that it is a real doctrine---an ideology---this doctrine does see some connection between the society and capitalism but beyond the mere fact of the two being connected there isn't anything good or helpful that this faction has to offer, particularly. Who knows? Maybe there is something there, but what we really need is an honest discussion so we can get into the matter, not sit around on the sidelines and wait for some freak to hit on the topic in a dysfunctional manner.

The question of whether such a link exists is rather nuanced. In my view, the link from the cultural world or cultural system, to the world called either business or economics does exist.

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