Tuesday, August 30, 2011


     Is it correct to characterize the economic system as being competitive? Yes, but it is not correct to characterize it as being synonymous with the concept of competition or as being only competition. Is the economy mainly, is it only, competitive? This talk is wrong.
     I don’t think the economy is a matter of “competition.”  In fact, I think it’s bullshit, I think it’s a bunch of lies.
     It has competition in it, so does life. However our economic society is in no special or unique way competitive; it is not characteristically competitive. This is the wrong concept. It has brutality in it, I just don't think it is only about "competition." There is some kind of hooey going on. It is how business persons speak: "Hi, Al, I'm very competitive." --- "Hi, Ken I am super-competitive myself!" --- I believe capitalism has elements of competition. So does life. What is not true is  that the free market capitalist system is in any special or uniquely characteristic way competitive. There's a lot of brutal assholes in it, and they may bicker a lot, no doubt, but it still isn't a solely competitive system. Ha ha ha. You have been had.
     I have never heard anyone say the economy is a matter of cooperation, but that would make equal sense. So, I do not think that capitalism is characterized solely by competition.
    What the prevailing practice of characterizing free market economic as competition conveys is the fact you are not allowed to characterize the economy as being other than a competitive system. We are only going to talk about this economic system one way. Got it?
     This means that in the special case of the economics field only radical outsider groups possess freedom of speech ----- anyone who discusses economics in terms other than the allowable basically takes his life into his hands. It is as simple as that, not necessarily an overstatement. It is a statement about conformity perhaps, and what is allowable in the culture.

     Of course, I expect and hope to write this and live; I ain't no fool.

     One does not naturally want to overturn the apple cart on something like this but I have studied this extensively. I am pretty sure I am onto something.

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