Friday, August 19, 2011

Two Thoughts About the Working Life, and then yet another---08-19, 2011

Here is the written effluvia - and visible result - of me, my bread crumb track in the sand, a result of thinking about poor and working class persons and this comes from some volunteer work I did recently and this experience, even before I met the activists in the flesh, set me off into thinking a lot. That is the back story of these scandalous and awful thoughts my evil mind somehow generates, but thoughts that I think everyone else is scared to think anymore in a so-called "free" country. Just some scribbling. Please don't shoot me.

Capitalism is a lot of rich people in a small space generating a lot of income. Each one tries to demand higher and higher payments from the others.
     You do not want to hear this, and you are not going to like it, but these persons have a double goal: to generate more money, and to keep it away from the poor persons.

     Except for the rich, life is extremely difficult. One must do everything one can to obtain employment. The price of employment is not criticizing the rich people. Once one learns to do it one can have a life of some sort. But, only as long as one has a job.

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People holding "jobs" earn small amounts of money, working long hours.
     People that operate institutions, firms or other places of employment do not work for low wages. They employ those who do paying as little as possible. Sometimes, the market for labor causes those wages to increase, for workers having marketable skills.
     Labor is in a curious position, then. It is an integral part of capitalist development and therefore is neither completely impoverished or destitute, nor is labor rich. It's kind of in-between. Many employers are agreeable enough to allowing the worker the wages that the market commands. Thus a social system continues to exist with employers, labor, and destitute----with unemployed, rural persons, madmen and so forth.

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