Monday, November 14, 2011

What is a Stock Exchange or Similar "Exchange":

What is the "exchange"? Why is it an "exchange"?
It is where all of the traders meet.

I noticed two things about it. When I looked at this area of the city of Chicago I noticed:
It is where the financial and investment persons meet
and secondly: they all act like gentlemen.

They all act with good manners; they are going to show courtesy. But is everything actually "good"?
The answer is: No. It is a situation created for  the purpose of --- or a situation created to function in terms of --- ambiguity. So, ambiguity is a key concept of note.

It is not to be "bad." Rather it is to be ambiguous. You cannot tell if some corporation being traded on the exchange is brutalizing peasants in Bolivia, for example. The traders don't know and I don't know.

It is to be ambiguous; And, also, I notice they act like gentlemen. Those are two things that I noticed, and these acts of observation are all in relation to an original economic theory that I created out of an original epiphany-type experience I had about ten years ago. I would like to share this material with others.
     The theory is there; I developed this.

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