Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Thoughts of Tuesday Morning

'Merica - home of the foolish intellectuals

Who knows something?
Who is the one who really knows something?

Money --- that's what everyone wants          ...and capitalism is a system of getting money

The intellectuals in US/Am have not been all that good. The U. S. seems to be weak intellectually.
And the reason for that is that we have money. US/America is the main testimony in the world about how good capitalism is. Politically, we freed up our persons to go after the money. (This in around 1787). 

This now comes to haunt us. Is there any "smart" thing left to say about the GOP candidates for president of the United States? It is hard to say anything smart about what is dumb. I can be smart --- but I need a "subject," as the language puts it, in order to talk about something.

Hmmmm... that sounded intriguing, but there I go being smart again. I do not think that would impress any GOP candidate.

J.Z. is like a golden nugget coughed up out of the mouth or innards of a capitalist society --- and, as always I emphasize the word "society." Capitalism is something that happens to a society. To call capitalism "individual," or a "private ownership" system does not get into the meat of the social aspect. In fact we intentionally avoid that subject.

Now, what we see is the result. Now what do we have. In a word: J.Z.

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