Sunday, November 20, 2011

Novermber 20, 2011

     It certainly seems to be the case that only giving money for things is an inadequate social method for any human group. We are only getting things done by giving somebody money, but to depend only on this method certainly seems to have limitations. Is this not pretty clear? You cannot say this way of solving the basic problem of how to live is perfect or complete, can you? You cannot just use the "payment method." You cannot just employ money or use the "money method." There is something inadequate about it. Certainly?
     Or are we to believe that just forking over money, or paying somebody for something we need, for everything we get, or every service we need, or every project we have to complete in life is an adequate way? An adequate method to effect the complete project of life's existence? Does anybody actually say that? Does the Austrian/Hayek set of ideas say that? If so, is there any debate on this?

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