Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post-Toasty, Crispy Candidates for President

As to my blog posts: there are good ideas. As to the writing style and all, I am always trying to get that better. I'll keep trying to get the writing to pop better for ya, OK? By nature I'm an artist not a big researcher, nor am I a data-miner. Nor am I a member of the Village People for  that matter. Although I have nothing against "Them People." This one, b.t.w., concerns the topic of "politics" on the Republican side and the mystique of Village Obama.
    On the Republican side we see some quick fader. Fresh contender comes, fades. We get always the same thing. A Republican may manifest himself as a quick leader but they are like mushrooms that pop up overnight and then fade given enough time. Which means, I guess, that Cain would become white. Of course, Palin was different because she had a fade time of over a year. Yeah, but she popped so early. You know?

     OK, so, anyway, we seem to get a new face every few weeks, even including a black face, and we wait--for the nomi closing. (The yshould do it more like the Academy Awards: "and the nominees are...") The denouement approaches. But as it does each quick mushroom fades. Pop-Tarts, you know, have to be eaten very quickly. They get cold. 
     Now, why the heck is that? Why do Pop-Tarts get cold? No. Why do conservatives come in the flavor of the week. Conservatives tend to like simple truths --- simple truths --- OK, "truthie" stuff. So maybe they are easy truths. maybe they have bad teeth, I don't know, but they fade quickly. But it's true: they like things that are quick and compact. It is as if they don't like to think too hard. The things they like do not require a lot of analysis. Ever notice that about them?
     I sure have, and I have noticed on my travels across the country that the guys just tend to like quick, simple things. Somehow, that's the way they are. Hey. They don't do a lot of in depth analysis. I think this is true. They like obvious issues. Did I mention that? Frankly, they accept cliches and they like sound "bites." I don't understand how you can bite sound but for example I tend to analyze a lot. The conservatives of my acquaintance just analyze rather a bit less---I've noticed this and I have had some experience with these people. (Thank you, Lonnie! And Archie! And the rest o' ya! Love ya!)
     Ye tanother way to analyse it is that conservatives tend to assume that everything makes sense. The world (of course) makes sense. They need it to make sense also in a pretty simple way, such that the contingency here is that liberals are to blame. So that is all you need to be able to figure out. If you just got rid of the liberals everything would be hunky-dory or something? Think about it. What I write rings true. Whereas the conservative type mentality thinks that everything makes simple sense or simply makes sense or makes sense in a simple way liberals tend to think that nothing makes sense. What would the world be doing making sense? Give me a break, everything absolutely has to be analyzed. Then maybe it makes sense, but you have to run your analysis or use a cookbook or something. Or it is that we haven't planned enough. We didn't use the complicated experts. Something like that. Who knows? But it all has to be analyzed, en perpetoo-um, or however you spell that, in Latin. Also, I tend to be that way, too, esp. when I get behind a freaking keyboard. Everything requires more tweaking. But at least I'm not selling out. No. I'm running out of money, instead.
     Anyway, maybe that is the case: conservatives like it simple and liberals like to analyze. I think a plausible theory do I have there. (So they have no depth, one is as superficial as the other, and they fade as soon as they emerge) Analyzing this theorem some more if a liberal gets a corn on her/his toe, she analyzes it. Other people cut it off.
     For liberals, nothing makes sense, that (duh) is why it needs to be analyzed. To conservatives, everything makes sense. That's what things do. They make sense. The world has to make sense, otherwise what kind of a world would it be? So, it makes sense by nature. (BUT: with the exception of the irrational, foreign persons, the liberals, the crazy element --- that is the exception to the rule that only goes to show that the real people, in Arizona, do make sense).
     It's all simple as pie you see. For them -- Republicans -- the liberals are fucking up the country and that's the end of our story. But, they wouldn't use the "f" word. Unless the liberals, whoever they are, absolutely force them to. Let's get rid of them. Let's "move on," to coin a phrase. And what do the conservo geniuses want to do? Invade somebody's country?
     OMG!!! Not that!!! Let's kill people! (Rush L: "the damn liberals won't let us kill people. Damn! Urggggggh! I jus' dunno...")
     (All of this is a golden opportunity for someone to simply make an effort to address these persons, the grassroots community that is low-income persons tending to be conservative, at the inevitable moment when they realize they need to find some new ideas, which they will realize, since they aren't that stupid. If is the liberals who are stupid because they don't see the opportunity.)

    Without being distracted, let's continue . For conservatives, everything has easy answers. Edward Teller was a man who liked "the Bomb," (but needed the bigger kind) back in the old days, when atomic warfare was a new concept. He was both an idiot and a scientist, which is certainly possible. You just need an H-bomb. Then everything will be fine?
     (I had of heard of this great scientific genius before; recently I encountered him again, in the Garry Wills book on atomic bomb matters, or atomic hot dogs, or whatever that book was about. Wills has since gone on to analyse Shakespearean drama and the literary portrayal of ancient Rome, certainly of equal relevance to the times).

     Without geting distracted....All you need is something simple. Ha ha ha. There's nothing a couple beers won't fix. Ha ha ha. Everything (is) guffaws. (insert: rich persons laughing.) Whatever it is, it is going to be simple. The owner of "The Men's Wearhouse" guarantees this. And when an overnight guest stayed at George H. W. Bush's house, she was sleepless, and she looked for a book to read, and in the whole downstairs of that Bush residence she only found one called "The Fart Book." (citation "disremembered," as the next Bush would put it --- but I did read it somewhere. I swear I did.)
     Now I'm not sayin' - Im not sayin - I am NOT sayin there ain't - or is - sumpthing WRONG with cutting to the point. You know? Or slicin' them there Gordian Knot or whatever. You all get to have whatever you want for breakfast, if that's what ya'all wanna do.
     I am not saying what works for Madison Avenue won't work for the country. But then again why should it? Why should a presidential candidate resemble a mushroom or something that just popped up overnight? I  don't know. If there is a reason for that maybe it's "the market"? Then regulate it.

     The final moment. That's the moment when your country meets its fate. That's the moment when the next president will come. At that time there needs to be a candidate out there that we know. Or that we are getting to know. OK, even getting to know just a tiny bit. And that one will be, you know, the paradoxical Barack O.

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