Friday, November 11, 2011

The modern West as seen by a third-World cosmopolitan web user

Not doing much so far today...

Apprehend then these thoughts as if
They are thoughts that a third-Wrld person
is thinking. He is thinking
About the first world persons
(I do that; I think as if I am other persons a lot)....

they're all in the high life
They're all in the good life --

if you were from a third-World country, you would have an active choice.
This would be of whether to identify with your poor neighbors, or on  the other hand
you could join face-book and identify with a "style," that being the style, as you see it,
of Western life. The Western persons appear as a choice. Western style capitalistic society
would appear to a third-World persons in the context of choice. He thinks of it as the choice
to stay where he is or to join an exciting new world.

If you want to think more about it you could compare that to the life situation of a first world person ...

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