Saturday, January 14, 2012

what if?

Many are they who believewith good evidence I might addthat the banks, the private sector, and, also, the great blond beast of government sometimes sell the public a phony bill of goods. All these writers and critics have their points but none can compare with what I shall call: "the great rationality swindle."
     The average bricklayer or busdriver's cup of rationality is, at best: half-full. Yeah. We know. But are we really correct in assuming that our academic institutions are brimming with thesis and hypo-thesis? 
     This society's theses are thwiftly thrown at usin books and articles. Are these perhaps the biggest swindle - the biggest scam of them all - "the great rationality robbery," the greatest swindle ever perpetrated on man?

     I would hate to think that Ralph Kramden knows more than, say Noam Chomsky. (I mean about lingustics of course. Chom'y is spot on, on the other stuff.)
     But what if he does? That means that every ornate theory thrown at us by every Harvard sociology professor is bunk. 
     That's plausible. I mean, what is a "Harvard sociology professor"? I mean do you really have any idea what that is a description of? I mean, Orlando Patterson notwithstanding, how do you know that guy knows gornish? You just accept that he is a "Harvard sociology professor." Yeah. Right. But what is a Harvard sociology professor? How many of you, my lovely readers, can seriously tell me that you know what it means?

     What if it's all a scam?

     When you meet these guys, they sometimes say things like, "Yeah, well, it's a job." 
     Yeah. Right.

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