Monday, January 23, 2012

Encouragement, Inclinations, & End Results

Advertizing signs are also semiotic "signs," and they re signs that try to accomplish a shift of attention in viewers, toward a particular concept and that try to develop a particular desire. The sign is trying to bring to the viewer the concept of, as well and the desire for, the obtainment of a lower price (e.g. "Now that's a deal of a meal-7.99"). Those two sentences were worth more than eight bucks -- but, at any rate, -- We are trading in a free society. Yes, we are, and because one thing affects another, this sets off a chain reaction.  In the trade cycle prices have contingent effects. For example, the price of one thing may affect the prices of other things. Usually. So, everything is affected by everything, so if everything is interdependent the characteristic attitude of the restaurant I am now eating at, which is an attitude or approach or set of promulgated values that keeps prices low even as we are also encouraged to sit there and be happy, will not only help us save and keep money in our pockets. There are also certain other contingencies: the salaries of the restaurant's employees will remain low. And be certain: the venue is scrimping and saving and cost-cutting, on their part!
     As I understand it they would be paying as little as possible for the raw components and ingredients that they buy, and that is what goes into the end result: your meal that which you sit down and enjoy in that nice seat. There is one characteristic ideological orientation that they employ. This is the concept of low price, and this orientation impacts the wages of farm workers, the money the warehouse employees get, and so forth, and the fact is that it also increases the suffering of the chickens, which are the chickens that "Boston" Co. uses, and, customers eat.
     It is true: it is a big, connected world. And wanting to keep possession of relatively greater sums of money is a natural inclination. OK. But: why do businesses enterprises generally stress that inclination?
     There are many other natural inclinations. This kind of place like "Boston Market"? It actually sucks, to tell you the truth, because they are always advising us to save money. But: this is too much like asking us to mistreat our fellow humans --- too much like asking us to mistreat all the workers that man this supply chain that brings us the "meal deal" at a --- well, a cheap restaurant.


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