Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Second Paulist Piece

     Individualism is something that has been rather successful here in the good old U.S.  of A., more successful perhaps than on any other piece of ground containing members of the species "homo sapiens." There is more individualism here than anywhere. It is not as if we aren't on theme. I see it in advertising, rhetorically speaking, and behavior-wise, and I see it in the persons I see around me seems like their specialty, in terms of human contact, lies in saying "I'm sorry" --- when they get an inch too close to you.
    If that is individualism we have that. What is Paul's specific desire? What does he want from us? What is the "Paul Point" regarding this very American trait? What is it about individualism that would need to be changed? The Paul view corresponds to the grassroots variety of philosophical individualism, which is a bit different, as compared to version that lobbyists or millionaires have. Here, I am dealing with the grassroots views, those prevalent amongst the less-privileged variety of the conservative in America. Paul does not represent the elite. He represents the America of grass roots, and regular rural, Texas conservatives.
     Then, what the man may be trying to say is that we need the real thing. There is also the individualism of "My Yahoo" or of my "personal" trainer (a human or a machine---what's the diff?), which is just a boatload of publicity and advertising copy. And, as you can see in my previous post that discussed Paul, my view is that Mr. Ron Paul is about genuineness and not advertising. And his individualism is philosophical.
     That's what you might call "grass roots individualism," and it is fully and totally ignored by the cabal of the elite. I ran into plenty of it when I lived in places like Arizona, in the desert, well outside of Phoenix, where there was pretty much nobody, or in rural Indiana, or in small towns everywhere actually. It is curious how much such persons are ignored in a democracy.

     These persons are living mostly in smaller cities, in towns, or in the country, and, when they say "less government interference," they really believe it   But they are very isolated from the levers of power. Not to mention, the "purse strings" of power.

     These are the persons whom Paul represents but exactly how Paul intends to stage a sneak attack on D.C. is not clear.

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