Friday, January 6, 2012

Mouthpiece or Foghorn? the News, v.2

We could probably say that no newspaper, bureau, person or other entity has the obligation to tell us what is really going on. Just because you have a mouth does not mean you have to use it, you can also keep your trap closed.
     Of course you may be asked to open wide for the doctor, and persons want to have the news brought to their doorstep. There are companies willing to oblige. Just like the drugs companies do.
     The end result of all these mutual expectations and tremorings is the major daily (newspaper). If we didn't have newspapers maybe we would talk to each other sincerely, heart to heart. Of course that is not the way it is. Is it?

The real way it is, is ---- that newspapers come out. Every day they come out, and every day they have to pronounce and emit words and shit, on schedule. They are so powerful; they kin doit!
     Now wait. That is not the way persons communicate. No, but thass de way dey newspapers communicate. The "news" is very carefully molded and guided ---- they produce it like flax through a spinning wheel. You think it's "the news," but it is cooked and processed and filtered. But what did you expect? When you go to a restaurant you get cooked meant. Don't you? Then why should we expect that the newspaper would deliver it to us raw??

Persons demand truth. I don't blame them a bit. But, in our passive society, they rarely go out and get it for themselves. (Are some persons less passive than others? I guess so, but most of what I see, some days, is a cavalcade of passivity going on. Oh well. Maybe I'm projecting, maybe?)

In a consumer society what persons want are products. Either that, or maybe that's what they are supposed to want. One German lady I saw in a movie simply vanted to be a-lone. I happen to live in a room, for example, that does not have cooking facilities so I cannot even cook for myself. If I wanted to. Which I don't know if I would, but at any rate I don't.

So: take the consumer society and we turn it into lies and deceptions. Cook it, in other words. By the way, there is also a market for lies and deceptions. What kind of cooked meat do you want today?

     If we did not ask the newspaper to do our thinking none of this would have ever happened. On the other hand, it did. Since we live in a capitalist or consumerist society, we need to ask ourselves: what kind of society do we want that society to be?

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