Monday, July 18, 2011

Pieper, Josef (1947 lectures, Bonn)

Pieper points out that we have lost our depth, or lost our leisure, as we have become utilitarian. We are concened only with, Pieper says, a culture of "total work," "workers state," the proletarian, etc.
     Pieper counters with, I think, the suggestion of total leisure or of a totally good and self-sufficient leisure. That must be why there are couches in Starbucks.
     This is a refreshing view because so much in contrast with the "total work" view that others hold to. Bill Gates could afford only baloney sandwiches, while building M.Soft, working 22 hrs. a day, and so forth. He favors (p. 36, of the Mentor paperback) "leisure" activities, or "non-utilitarian modes of human activity." I blog.

It's called, "Leisure -the basis of culture," Josef Pieper, Mentor-Omega, pub. by the New American Library (1952, 1963)

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