Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let it Rain, then

Things happen as they happen. In the whole complex universe of "things happening" there seems to me to be much less happening according to such things as plan and policy than we are wont to ascribe.
    Our plans and our policies are more like commentaries.
    Things happen, then, out of their own accord. And all by themselves.
    Take this week's exciting event, the budget showdown. I don't really know him, but I always seem to think that Bohner, as the head Republican, must be a bonehead. With that name? Well, I know I am being unfair, but I tend to think he just wants to go down in history as a great supporter not of the country but of his side. As for the country's side and his, I guess that, if I am right about this, he just cannot separate. It's all ego with these guys, know what I mean? I think he, and all of his right-wing clones, just want their own side. Then, I suppose, although I know I am not being fair, that they are just petty people in high office, and the problem with Republican so-called "leaders" is that they went higher than they deserved. OK, Democrats have problems, too, anyway, I see these Republican with their high positions and their business connections as just the archetype of the feuding white loser-type person, a war of all against all (Hobbes, I admit) in which a bunch of spoiled babies want to take over the country. Not that they could, without wrecking the place. So, to continue this mean and unfair rant: They have no common platform except for their philosophy, a visionary ideology, ha ha ha. It seems to amount to the idea of that government should not tax, and I mean don't you just hate taxes?, and, therefore, does not spend. No, it does not make any sense, you got that right. It's just nonsense. This is about the idea that those dollar are real. That is the shred of sanity it traces back to. "Fiscal responsibility. That's their heritage. They think that if only they can "save a trillion," that'd make a difference. But they have no real idea of the economics involved, so it's just a ship sailing under an idiot flag.
    But it's a little too late to fix, a little late for mankind to get straighter on mankind's economics. So, who really cares anymore if they get their little budget or not? I don't care anymore, I vote to let nature take its course. Let it come down, then. Who cares if a trillion is a real thing or not? Obama for his part is without a way of stopping them. And what is his plan? To go to the rich people to get their advice. As mentioned, I just do not think that planning or policy drives events. Our plans and policies amount to nothing, or at any rate, have less importance than we think. The alternative is to let nature take its course. Let the markets decide to kill themselves. Sacrifice the whole thing. Global warming thanks you. (Because, you see, if the economy fails there will be less pollution going up into the skies so there is a good part.)
    So things should take their own course. Once things take their own course --- this occurs, nowadays, usually within the realm of some "economic science" that we do not yet totally understand, but after all, the weatherman knows which way the wind blows --- then we can all create our commentaries. That's more fun anyway, isn't it, and didn't I already mention "commentaries," above? It will be quite the fun time, reading in a magazine (maybe "the Economist," dare I hope in trembling anticipation) the chronicles of why the U.S. slipped down to the lesser nations. And just think: when the U.S. takes its new seat in the gallery section, Rep. Bohner will be usher! That's almost like becoming a rap star, you Usher. Come on, smile, baby! Maybe that's his back-up career: usher. Ushering Congress along, ushering the fall of civilization. He's the Usher!
    I say keep it up, Bohner. I don't want to see interference by political policymakers over the natural course of things in the world. Screw all the policymakers. Let's let nature take its course. Let's let history take its motley course and we can get on with the only thing we really know how to do --- the business of the writing of the commentaries. No more this "predictive," scientific stuff!Let the system kill itself, Usher, you big, bad Bohner guy.

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