Monday, July 18, 2011


On CNN this morning, there is the representation of two --- two "persons" to be dealt with in the British News scandal. There's Rupert Murdoch, and there is his company, you see. Wall Street, from what they tell me, treats the company (News Corp. I think it is called) just like a kind of person, with a future, hope for success, possible trauma from scandal, etc. The company has its needs, but then Murdoch himself seems to as well. That's something else: a perfectly pleasant old autocrat with ridiculous political notions. He also seems to think he actually owns his own company.
     Wall Street apparently has other ideas. Also in rotation: the debt. Leave it to the media though, to come up with some kind of totally irrelevant idea. They ask, "will the country run out of money or patience first?," That is just pointless. Did I say "irrelevant"? Yes, I think I did say that.

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