Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dark Future

Capitalism, as it exists today, is an interference. This is true of the present state of affairs --- today capitalism is like an intrusion, like a knock on the door in the dark evening, or a disturbance of privacy.
      As capitalism has developed over the years, it arrogates more power unto itself. Eventually, it pushes its way into private spaces: it comprises an invasion of dignity and decency. Complicated games are played by those in control of marketing and as well by others who hold the keys to business, and money.
     Long ago, it was decided to include commercial advertisements interspersed with programming on the new medium of television. This means that as a viewer, at his or her home, relaxes, the concerns of the economy "ought to" intrude in upon the experience of leisure and privacy. When associated with capitalism the word "private" seems to come down to meaning that those that who own firms are to be protected from intrusion by others, in the form of government or state control.
     In today's world of social networks, however, all of one's affairs are intruded upon. What manner of capitalism is this? Privacy lessens; only ownership of wealth creates privacy; everyone else becomes a pawn, intruded upon by all kinds of processes.
     This is (and has been) called "socialism at the bottom, private ownership at the top." It may be called the private ownership system, or capitalism, but it intrudes on (nearly) everyone's life --- destroying the privacy of practically everyone. Rupert Murdoch seems to have a private life. Others do not quite have it.

     Does a serf have a private life? Does a slave?
     To enter into the market in the system called capitalism is to enter it as a private person. Only while commanding one's own self-respect and dignity can a person contribute in a true, dynamic, and creative fashion to a free society. So, losing one's privacy intrudes on the dynamism of capitalism. I hardly think the business world, which is getting to be more and more ingrown, will protect our interests. If the business world does not promote freedom, but lays our private lives open to marketing departments, who will --- the government?

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