Friday, January 28, 2011


When I was young things were much different.

They aren't like that now. Things seemed to make more sense when I was young. There was a job you went to. It gave a tangible return in terms
both of real work you did and in terms of the paycheck you got in the end. You didn't have to make excuses for yourself since you were actually doing something. You didn't search Google for "other things." You had your own.

No, I did not like it very much. I was very, very unhappy with my job and it even gave me nightmares. I worked very hard as a young person and I hated it, and, I eventually left the work force.

That's where I am now. Outside of the workforce that is to say, but when I was in it life had definite rules, and discipline to it.

I hated my job but on the other hand I had a place to go. Both of these extremes seemed to exist in one person. I was not very happy. I really did not like my boss very much. On the other hand he also gave me a paycheck!

There is an American dream. It's not about holding a job, exactly. It is to go out on your own or own your own business but this morning, when I am a writer, I got up and thought about those days, long ago, when I had a job.

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