Saturday, January 8, 2011

JacksGreatBlog - Screaming at THe World

This is supposed to be called "Jacksgreatblog" I do not know how to work this stuff but what I see is just "Great Blog" in front of my face. I am the writer named Jack Silverman whose work you can see at

Remember I do not know internet protocol. I am autistic. I channel into certain grooves. Now I am starting my new blog, with a log that sort of tracks an experience I had with the Democracy Now! web.

I am listening to Sen. Bernie Sanders on D Now! ...makes a nice background as I write as I seem to very straightforwardly agree with him.

I am doing this to become successful. Known; famous. All that sort of thing, isn't that the way it works? Shit like this a person does to get famous. I acknowledge it's all about fame. That they either love you or they hate you is alway my experience in this bloody thing called life, anyway. It's all fake. Here is what I wrote today. Why does it come out in the same font?
comes out in the same font as the rest of this. I in fact wrote it in a different font or typeface

but How can I know about Font types; and internet protocol? (as I call it above)? I am autistic. Now you probably think I want to be famous for that, too, but I don'T. Wanting to be known is not the worst thing a person can do is it? Gawd I hope not. Probably there is some ego in there. OK. But the persons Bernie is talking about right now in my high-ttech elitist earphones want something else: they just want to be wealthy. Boy, what total losers they are. I want LOVE. But it's impossible. Anyway...I think wanting to be famous isn't quite as bad.

Bernie talks about wealthy and powerful "forces." He paused a moment before the word "forces." I wonder why. What are the rich? Are they people or forces? They are, I'll offer, people who want to use force. They're immoral. They're immoral rich persons that want to use force. Gottcha!
I am going to hit "publish" now. Could you please blame "Blogspot" (a.k.a. those geniuses at Google) if I said anything bad or for 'whatever' happens, when whatever happens?---if whatever does indeed happen, as I believe that it may? They control it anyways. Ultimately, they do. Do I own the internet? Of course not.
Democracy Now! Comments as parallel track, i.e. my "notes" - Whatever!
Good, decent people ------- the politicians and the board members of the corps. are considered the most upstanding, they are the validated, the ones who get all the dignity and respect from society. Are they really the good and the decent? Maybe, maybe not—but what they do is this. They support their own society or their own group, and these are their friends - they are the big capitalists, or trans-national business elites. I think that that is what rules the world: it is that group. And they get what they want, usually, from the government.
Moderate, centrist course (says the new Daley: Bill Daley). Steer a more moderate course: Daley seems to think in terms of a fantasy spectrum of Right to Left.
Amy Goodman is also discussing another (Obama) appointment now, the successor to Larry Summers. When they work for banks or big corporations, they make lots of money, for themselves and other people. This is what I consider strange though. Why would making a lot of money correlate with becoming the economic advisor, or the chaf of stieff (I'm on strike against the spell-checker). The qualification for these major, major posts is to have made lots of money. (OK, I have some time here, so...I will add that making money is not a good qualification for really quite a few different reasons, if you think about it. If business is separate from government, which seems like the very reasonable suggestion of so many conservative theorists of economics and society, then there is a conflict, a conflict of interest. You want government to not interfere with business, right? So it is a conflict to have a person from the business sector police the business sector, also a conflict for that guy to advise on business. Why not have an economist (like me) who studies the economic system but does not participate as an interested money-maker or big businessperson? But the economic advisers (strike over) are the biggest businessmen/financiers. Oh nice going. Why assume that the priorities of a person who worked for G. Sachs (the new economics advisor succeeded - ceded? - to the Summers post), or, like Daley, on board of a few major major dignified respected upstanking (spelling strike resumes?)Fortune 500 corporations (Bill Daley) are the same priorities as you or I have?)))))))))))
Wayne Barrett (fired by that New York paper that used to be radical – East Village something “Other”? I don’t think so.) He's another guy on Democracy Now! today... Newsflash / Another truth teller fired / goodbye.
-Jack (the blogger)


  1. bingo, baby
    I f*cking nailed myself
    there is no more anger
    I relax completely
    having produced my final statement
    to the werld
    ingratitute for all the werds
    Given me by language

  2. No, jack. Not "ingratitude".
    You meant "in gratitude",
    Didnchya, boy?

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