Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 09, 2011

Now that I know how hard this is I think I shall positively try to keep the posts very short. (...just finished editing the previous entry, below.)



    The "below" entry

    Um ---- that doesn't, Um ---- sound as good...

    maybe the internet is broken and I can't fix it\

    since I don't own it (that isn't a song, but it is that I hit the 'slash' key by accident. Maybe I should just go home. Either that or start writing song lyrics)

    The internet is broke and I can't fix it/

    Since I don't own it

    Now all I need is an agent, a manager, a drummer...and a major American corporation

  2. edited Feb 14th. At first I called the previous entry the "above" entry. So, the first comment is now superseded by the second comment which has no bearing on the high quality of the song idea...