Monday, January 17, 2011

Persons with missing back teeth often swallow too soon

ADventures this morning:

The regurgitated morself of peach meat came back from the back of throat where it had been sequestered: in order to fulfill its destiny which was to segue gracefully into another go-'round in the taste chamber. Delicious: It was like a second chance. I also like the chance to write about it; But not as much.We should all call our mouths "the Chamber of Taste." Sounds Goth, like Edgar Allen Poe. Maybe if all of us learned to go around talking like differently that would be all it would take. We'd have a less problem getting along with each other, if we used the write stuff, you know?  We could talk like we were in a novel you know. This has been done. This was tried. That is what the Quakers tried With their "I"s and "thou"s: the this and That, they tried to tame society through proper speech so that has been done. That was tried. They are the ones who really already tried it. Those quakers; they quake; they already serve as example; so I guess I'll never.

But we're so crass of a society.

Start a national project for increase of eloquence.
Thus, m' Lady surely we could UPLIFT ourselves.

Goth is Addams Family and not the Munsters, so I am going for quality. Taste? It's twinkies NOT snowballs. We've got to
upgrade our quality. Of life. I am not alone in thinking that our society and culture needs to be upgraded. Gore Vidal understands this too.
Mmmm... good little peach. Come back to Papa now, so I can chew you again.

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