Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NYT as Person

If the N.Y.T. were an actual person      and    not      a large compendium       of words and woodpulp that person would be very cultural--the individual would know every new performance, every new book and even every new item presented to the people of the world (or at least the New York world) by every new restaurant ----- the ones in New York City I mean. What a rich life that gal would live! But the rich cultural life implied by the NewYorkTimes is conjured only to benefit the Times, its staff, and owners and the purpose of all that culture is it is for the producers or the board. Now a word about our dear "consumer." Ah yes the consumer. Why, they are the ones that buy the product! How could I have forgotten them? Oh no, I was coming to it. Them consumers! Piping money like lavender music into the hands of the ... producers, board, the owners, and [insert  trumpet fanfare] the shareholders. Oh yes, the consumers. I was coming to it. They buy the product. Oh the product. The :news. ...produced by the "producers" ---- and I do not mean by that the B'way play, or the film, ...starring Zero Mostel. No. I just mean the producers. And once we talk about producers in capitalism we have to talk about consumers.

OK, but the important question is that of whether the paper is really produced for consumers, or whether on the other hand it is a cultural device for the producers, the staff, the shareholders? If the answer to that question is that the paper is produced for the later group, then it is produced for their culture, and not for the culture of others. What I think is happening is that this wonderful lady operates for the producers of the paper, for the owners, not for the consumers, the persons that read it...

Comments, anyone?

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