Monday, September 19, 2011

Jack Silverman Takes on Rahm Emmanuel

"    Rahm Emmanuel tried to apply his autocratic style in his meeting with the chief of the teachers' union. She reports he cursed and yelled at her.
     Mr. Emmanuel appears to be an abusive husband
partner anyway. He has a views himself as the boss of everyone. His idea is the bully's idea, that he has the right to boss everybody around. he believes that his aggression counts for more than anything of yours----your reaction, your opinion, or obviously your arrogant response. Hmmm... What is that?
     Isn't there a word for that?A word for that autocratic take on life?

     The word I am thinking of is "Bully." He's a bully not a class act. Society prospers when there are gentlemen at the top, we need gentlemen at the top positions not bullies. When leaders have a lack of class and deportment that means it is all going downhill. The mayor should NOT act crudely. 
     He is supposed to set an example,and he is supposed to be my "better," not someone I have to write this blog posting about. I want him to be better. but now I know he is not better. 
     Now I know: this man is a cheap, skinny low-life and  shows bad manners when he screams. He should not scream at other people. I scream into the blog interface. But I am just a common blogger, after all... 

(note: updated for style on July 19th, 2012)

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