Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Hollow Empty World

Here's one for ya------I have an email account that is extra. That is old. So, I don't use it as much. I have not used it for a long time. But I might go there to do a little checking. OK. So when I go there, what do I see? I see that on the false email system I am more popular.  
     I am more beloved on my nobody email account than my real one. But of course! The non-me is so much more valuable and lucrative. If you were a corporation, would you prefer a real person, who makes trouble, or a nobody who serves you little money packages wrapped in tin foil from used chewing gum. Anyways, I am apparently highly valued in emails into the email account I don't use.
     In other words I am not even home. And I don't exist there. And that fellow is the one everybody is beating down the bushes to get to. These "persons," if that's what the marketers or the marketing programs are, "pretend" to be interacting with somebody, somebody who has real money, for that is the main way that a member of a capitalist society participates. But it kind of seems like they prefer to send mail to the distinguished non-person at the non-email. This is dysfunctional, and it is dysfunctional because they prefer the person's money to the person. That means that the capitalist actors in the economy are no longer targeting persons, but rather just manipulating them.
     This reminds me of some other stuff that has been happening to me lately too, all on this theme of the preference shown for mechanical actions over human action. Non-persons have become more valuable than persons. All of these experiences make one feel like if one's individual's acts in the world are done as (?) a non-living or non-conscious being-----maybe we should say to a non-living being-----it works better. But what is this contemporary condition of life that we are looking at for the past few years? This condition of things, today's condition, is historical in nature, it is the end result of old, ongoing processes. This is old, human stuff. Or, stuff that was human, at one time!
     Capitalism did not develop by treating people like machines. It treats people like machines now. It may seem to be happening now, yet the "now" is of a piece with phenomena that are also historical. These are the processes that, over much time and many years, create our livable world. It (the world; the economy) is laboriously created over the centuries. If you don't like it, you can try to change it. But this is the work of history. Our world today is the work of humans over history, and these processes are human. These processes are human, if they are anything.
     What is happening? Today, we are simply bringing all that down, we are bringing down history and fomenting a permanent attack on mankind by filthing and defiling the very progress of capitalism.
     To erase history, brings down the civilization. There is a real capitalism, that which has been created historically. And there is also a more superficial world of finance and investing.
     A human phenomenon, hopping through history, has now been robbed of its hop (of its vitality, its consciousness, its quality of being conscious, living, which we summarize as: "human"). And now here's a word from Jack's muse-----his autistic and yet somehow creative muse:

The hoppies warned us
that the modern world was dehumanizing. But
Wii didn't listen. We just played with our wii.
Now look around you, what do ya see?

Well, I'd say a society that is "truly" dead, whatever that means. This is the "real" zombie society.
Excited yet?

Well, some people are; some people like it.

True? Real?

Truly? Really? You like death? Really?

Then you should die.

-----more on the wii game here:

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