Friday, December 2, 2011

Weak World

In one day, the “average” CEO makes $35,000 (the average amount U.S. person makes annually). That’s just one fact from the documentary by a scion of the Johnson & Johnson family. Or is that company? Anyway, the rich in the film/video presentation have no logic to offer, in regard to defending or explaining these kinds of observations that the filmmaker interjects. Most of the rich are unbelievably full of shit. Milton Friedman is an exception because he is sneaky, and tries to make a good argument or an actual argument. But he really does not come off that good nevertheless. In the video (“The One Percent”) you can see this process whereby Friedman creates these reasonable-sounding sentences and phrases. Another partial exception is the entrepreneur. They are not only full of shit, they are also weird. So, why are these good-for-nothing people the ones with all this wealth and power and everything? Why does “going after millions” work so well? What logic is there to that? There is not much brainwork involved in this “normal business” stuff, and it cannot really be defended by reason (except by the super-sneaky Milton F). The clearest thing that comes across, for me, is that the rich never make sense; that never happens. All the excuses or justifications are weak. This comes across.

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