Sunday, December 18, 2011

Comic T.V. Movie Hulk Strip Literature Review

     If they do not like something, they kill it. That's how scared they are of themselves, of their own worthless, undedicated lives. They surround the mystery of rebellion or disobedience with whatever they have that seems to defend their own ---- Walls to keep out truths. Some truths.
     And what do they love? I'll give you the answer: They love themselves ---- And only themselves. This movie illustrates that all the power in San Francisco cannot keep man from himself.

                                     ("Incredible Hulk" movie)

     Mankind is ignorant. Yet mankind has "civilization." In whose hands is civilization?
     The military man is impressed with civilization not for the right reasons, not for its civilizing influence, but rather for the power that lies within civilization. He himself is in doubt; he is confused. He says he has morals and ideas but he reaches for a bigger gun. The general in the movie just wants to blow up everything. Everytime Hulk gets bigger he too gets bigger.
     His power does him no good, because although he sits in (original wording: sits astride) civilization, he will never know what (any of it) is worth.
     Nothing except civilization has power and yet civilization itself does not have power if it cannot comprehend the greater purpose for which it was created. Civilization is a "shell." We find ourselves within a shell.
     When we find ourselves living within a shell we have to create some meaning within there. Civilization (or, for example, "the friendly confines" of Wrigley Field) is useless to those who cannot find value within the confines or parameters of the container they are living inside of. Those particular members of the human species are merely stunned, they are confused. And they gravitate towards fortifying the wall of their enclosure. This goes on, even as for them, there isn't really much there that is worth all this effort of protecting. And this is how the police and soldiers, and at the higher level, judges for example (who cannot reason their way through a case or put a crime into its context and seem to think it proves some kind of principle to give a weird and foolish Illinois governor fourteen years in prison for being, basically, weird and foolish), and generals, at the pinnacle of power, act based on confusion and fear.
     The future of civilization may well hang on a thread --- and that thread is the ability to project some kind of decency, some kind of mercy --- into the uppermost reaches where the elites dwell.

     Now, if Obama would only stop those drones...

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