Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is it really "Culture"?

We live in a peculiar culture—the culture of “capitalism.” We can call it that. The “culture” of capitalism. It is neither here nor there. It isn't controlled by a king, or, a famous dictator. It isn't even ruled by democracy anymore. Democracy has gotten sort of weak and soft. Something has to control capitalism. Who? What? What controls capitalism?
     Nobody, apparently. There is no king—and there is no court, with its ministers of war and finance, jugglers, and the occasional “All Fools Day.” We've lost that thing where we let our hair down for a spell. There are only endless shelves of PORNO movies. But no overall theme to the society, you see.

     There are “deals,” there are “properties.” But who owns them? Individuals? Corporations? Corporate individuals? And there is still war—although this is now carried out mostly in other places, other, far-away and less wealthy countries who lack the requisite “development.” What is it, though, that capitalism has developed into? Whatever it is, is it doing us much if any good? Does capitalism help us make  the most of our day? Does it make us wiser or better or more compassionate? What does it do? What is it good for, this culture of ours?

 And what is the value of Milky Way bars...
[OK, so I repeated myself. So what?]


  1. Our society is spinning out of control because it is only governed, or regulated, or whatever the word is---it is only being run by the system of free market economics. The only result of the turn-over of a society's culture to business interests is to drive everybody eventually crazy. One day we will see that that is what is happening. If nothing controls capitalism, is it even really 'capitalism' anymore? There is no ruler named "Nothing." "King Nothing"? What is that, rule by the Pirates?

  2. "Capitalism" is not a logo or a brand, it is a social system.