Monday, June 6, 2011

Hard to Talk Sometimes

It is hard to talk about what’s irrational. When we see something irrational it confounds us and we are likely to turn away. Nevertheless I am an autistic individual who gets indignant sometimes. My own neurological apparatus is partially disabled, but I think I am like Temple Grandin, in one thing. When I see an entire society that is disabled I get indignant.
Any system that successfully functions day to day has rational elements. Yet when I look at this world I sometimes see a system that is not rational. I don’t see a system that is rational, sorry.
There’s not much we can do about accepting the system we have; we need to do that to a certain degree. Nevertheless, certain substantive things get to me. 
And what is it about wasted packaged food? Why is that my big beef? I am not sure that I can totally analyze this. I get indignant when I see a bit of carefully packaged food left lying around on a street corner, when all those people are around. It is not just that the food is wasted; it must be some combination of factors; there seem rather to be several factors involved: food is something you pay for; packaging material is then employed to carefully contain it; and, finally, some of it – it does not have to be all of it – is left lying around in the middle of all those persons.
Something about this is wrong. Why did you put it in a nice little package if you want to leave it on the street corner? And nobody takes it?  
All of these persons in the big city are supposedly competing for everything. And then somebody leaves a nice piece of food the most basic thing persons want and nobody takes it? And you went out of your way to put it in a package? And why did you put it in a package? So, you could leave it in the trash can?
This really gets to me.
And you have all those people, competing for jobs and money. And the main thing you do with money is you use it for food. And then you leave it in the middle of the city in a nice package and nobody takes it?

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  1. I have partially recovered from my father's death and feel human enough to think about other things now. So, I decided to contemplate your thoughts above on the wasted piece of food and packaging and it reminded me, in a very oblique way, of the poem The Wasteland by T S Eliot. It's here if you want a look -